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Friday, December 13, 2013

Bollywood Blast in Chicago: Dhoom 3

Bollywood ends this year with a big blast in Chicago. Here is a sneek preview of the song from Dhoom 3, the cop vs. thief potboiler! Releasing WorldWide Dec 20th 2013

Here is a song in English from Dhoom 2, the earlier movie in this series

Weekend Bollywood Blast: a Bollywood Romeo Juliet!

I had mentioned this move Ramleela in an earlier post
Here is a fast paced dance song from the movie, great for a cardio workout.

Why I like the song

  1. It is an extremely colorful song, beautiful dresses and costumes
  2. It is a song about Navratri when we have lots of dancing and festivities
  3. Chutki, Swami and I saw this movie together and during this song, Chutki complained that Swami always gives her the answer that the devotee gets in this song! I protested that I may have been alone at home several times, but was not at all anxious :-) We all had a good laugh!

If you are interested, here is a video that teaches the basic dance moves in this song. I am learning this song now!