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Thursday, October 23, 2014

BDSM pic of the day: Experiencing Bliss as a Slave

I have written about the deep significance of tea in my daily ritual as a Daasi. For me tea is more than a drink. It is a metaphor for my spiritual practice of Consensual Slavery. You can read about tea and why I love it here

Today's BDM pic depicts this concept beautifully. I loved the look in her eyes as she sips her tea! It's that look that comes into your eyes, when you have had an epiphany. It is when you realize that your life will never be the same. It is when you have completely internalized that from now on you are not free to be selfish, but you are free to be in the service of another.

She stands there, sipping tea, immersed in the knowledge that from now on, complete obedience and submission is her path. That thought fills her mind with warmth and comfort just like the warm tea gives her body comfort. 

She stands by the window, allowing the light of Consensual Slavery to cast its glow on her and brighten her face. She is turning away from the darkness of selfishness, arrogance and hubris and towards spiritual awakening and it's light beckons her gently. 

The sheet she holds on to is her ego. She is not completely rid of it, but it's hold on her is slipping. Both her mind and body are going to be rid of it soon and then her Master will see her in all her naked beauty: vulnerable, feminine, docile and submissive, ready to serve him. It has taken her almost an eternity to get to where she is now. Till now she was really a slave to her ego, without even realizing it, but her Master has shown her the true path. He taught her that even she can be free of her ego by serving others and after many months studying under his wise guidance, she is now ready to cast her ego away, today she feels completely comfortable standing naked and vulnerable, stripped off her ego and is proud to offer herself unconditionally to her Master. By becoming his consensual slave, she has set herself free. How ironic that she achieved real freedom only in Consensual Slavery. 

When he enters, she will gently let the sheet that represents her ego fall. She will then kneel naked before her lord, her eyes cast down in respect, to show her submissiveness. From today, till the day she dies, she will be his willing Slave. She will worship him, adore him, serve him with her body and mind. She will treat him as a GOD. 

She visualizes herself at the feet of her GOD and takes another sip of the delicious tea. 

Life is beautiful!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Diwali!!

 Happy Diwali everyone!!! Swami has taken the day off, so Chutki and I are deliriously happy!! Best Diwali gift ever!!

As is traditional for Diwali day, Swami woke up bright and early but after me.  I woke up early, showered and prepared a delicious hot traditional breakfast for him. Then when he woke up, I gave him a prolonged sensual oil massage. Swami simply loved it and I absolutely loved rubbing warm oil all over him :-). I paid special attention to my Swami's glorious cock and balls!!

After almost an hour of massage, I then respectfully led him to our bath, where I gave him a scented bath. I had the water infused with rose fragrance and had rose petals in the bath tub. I gave him the attention that a God deserves and he told me that he really felt as if he were the "King of Gods" and I was a beautiful damsel Tilottama.  Read the story if you can. It is very entertaining and informative. I sometimes feel that in my previous birth I must have been like Tilottama and prayed for a lord like my Swami and so, I was blessed to be born again in this life to serve as my Swami's Daasi.

Of course, like the King of Gods has every right to do, my God, finally claimed me sexually and we made beautiful sensual love in the water! When he was finally ready to come, I submissively knelt before him and accepted his wonderful seed in my mouth and swallowed. So began our perfect Diwali day!

Then Chutki came over. Swami had bought two sets of new dresses for each of us. One extremely naughty and the other a beautiful sari.  As per Swami's wishes, he watched as Chutki and I bathed each other first and then after seeking his blessings by touching his feet, we both donned our really naughty revealing dresses which he presented to us.

Then he sat down for breakfast. We waited on him and served him a beautiful traditional Diwali breakfast. Both of us made sure that when we served him, he had easy view of his Kaneez's and Daasi's bodies for his pleasure. I really felt as if I was in heaven serving the kind of Gods!!

After breakfast, both Chutki and I changed in front of Swami into the traditional Saris he had bought for us, decked ourselves with lots of jewelry, made ourselves pretty and drove to the temple.

The temple was more crowded than usual because of Diwali, even though it is a weekday. Both Chutki and I made sure that after we sought the Lord's blessings, we prostrated before Swami and touched his feet and sought his blessings in front of other devotees. Some women snickered at us, but we were so happy, we just smiled at them. Their husbands looked on in bewilderment and discomfort. The priest however has always liked me and when I told him Chutki's my sister, he beamed at her.
"You are not only pretty but also cultured, just like your sister" he told her.
"Whatever I am, I learnt from Didi" Chutki said earnestly.  Then she bent down and touched his feet. He kept his hand on her head and blessed her. I followed and he did the same for me, much against the rules and traditions of the temple. Generally priests don't touch women in temples and I am sure the women around us noticed this. Some rolled their eyes :-) Swami grinned!

When we left the temple, Swami asked Chutki to drive and asked me to join him in the back seat. I knew instantly what was in store during the ride home and I was happy to oblige. As soon as the car was out of the temple compound and got on the freeway, Swami gently took my head and moved it to his groin. I dutifully unzipped his pants and started servicing him orally.

"Focus on driving Kaneez," Swami told Chutki sternly as she tried to catch some of the action in the rear view mirror. I don't know why, but Swami always gets sexually aroused when I display my submissiveness publicly in the temple, and invariably, I land up giving him a blow job  on our way home.

I took my time, savoring the taste of his cock and balls and filled my lungs with the delicious aroma of his genitals. I was generous with my saliva and I am sure, Chutki could clearly hear all the loud slurping. Poor girl! She had a hard time staying focused on the road.

Finally, he exploded in my mouth with a loud moan. No temple Prasad (offering) has ever tasted as sweet and as delicious like my Swami's cum. I swallowed it gratefully and with my heart filled with reverence, piety and sublime adoration for the man, no the God, who had kindly agreed to cum in my mouth.

I cleaned him up with my mouth and carefully inserted his cock back in his pants. As I sat back up again, I caught Chutki's eyes in the rear view mirror. I felt bad for her. Would she ever taste the ambrosia that I had just tasted?

Then Chutki, pointed to the right corner of my mouth, I ran my finger across my lips and noticed a large portion of Swami's cum on my fingers. Chutki's eyes were literally begging me, but I was too scared to comply. I just stared at the cum on my fingers, then at Chutki and then at Swami, who sat with his head rolled back, his eyes closed, completely relaxed and satiated.

Suddenly the car in front of us came to a screeching halt and Chutki hit the brakes hard to avoid crashing into the car. I was flung toward the front seat and as I used my hands to steady myself, Swami's cum from my fingers transferred to the leather head rest of the front seat.

Swami opened his eyes and soon, that special moment that Chutki and I had enjoyed was over. When we reached home, Swami walked in, as Chutki and I gathered up all the fruits and other offerings we had taken to the temple. I could still see Swami's cum fresh on the leather. Chutki's eyes caught my glance as our eyes met for a split second. Then I walked into the home as well.

When I glanced back, I saw, Chutki licking her fingers, with a silly grin on her face. I smiled at her.

A Slave experiences pure transcendental bliss when her Master graces her mouth with his seed

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Submissive Symbolism of the Karva Chauth Ritual

Today is Karva Chauth. Last year I wrote about why this is such a special ritual for me as a Daasi. You can read about it here

Last year the festival fell on the 22nd of October. This year it  falls on the 11th according to the Lunar calendar. Indeed, October is a very special month for me as a submissive, because it has two festivals I love, Navrathri and Karva Chauth.

Today I fast from sunrise till the moon rises over the horizon for the health and prosperity of my Swami. Why do I do this?

Here is the story and symbolism behind the Karva Chauth ritual :-)

The Story revolves around a beautiful princess who gets married to a handsome prince. On the occasion of her first "Karva Chauth" after marriage, she goes to her parents home to observe the fast. Her brothers are alarmed as her strength ebbs during the day and so trick her into abandoning her fast before sunset.
Unfortunately for the princess, she returns home to hear that her beloved has died! The princess is grief stricken and prays to the God Shiva and his wife Parvati for help. The couple appear before her and Parvati grants the prince back his life but tells the princess that he will remain in a comatose condition for a year. In addition his body is pierced with hundreds of painful needles. Parvati asks the princess to remove one needle a day and then when the year is complete to observe the fast again and complete it fully. Only then will the prince be returned to his normal self.

The princess religiously follows the ritual of taking care of her husband's body and each day removes one of the needles from his body. On the day of the fast, she is so excited taking care of all the formalities of the fast that she designates her maid to remove the last needle.

At sunset, before the princess can appear before her husband, the maid removes the last needle and the prince wakes up. He however mistakes the maid to be his wife and his real wife to be the maid. Everybody tries to convince him otherwise, but the prince refuses to believe them. It is as if he is in a trance. The princess is dismayed, but then decides to serve the prince as his maid, since that will keep him closer to her.

A year rolls by and the fast is upon her again. This time the princess does everything right and attends to her prince while also observing the fasting rituals. She prays to Parvati that the trance on the prince  be broken. Miraculously as soon as she breaks her fast, her prince is restored to his normal self, recognizes her and she is reunited in love!

The story symbolically illustrates the following

1) The fast symbolizes commitment to your relationship. If you are not committed, how can the relationship flourish? Hence the prince dies
2) Even when you have lapsed, recommitting to a relationship can revive it, but this will take time: The prince is comatose with needles
3) A wife's job is to  serve her husband daily and eliminate physical and emotional distress that may befall him: The needles that the princess removes from his body
4) During the re-commitment, even a small relapse can have enormous consequences: The princess fails to serve her husband for one day and he goes astray and considers her a maid
5) A dutiful wife will eventually triumph over all odds. ( Happily ever after ending!!)

Sigh! I just love HEA endings

I am all decked up today to observe the fast. Almost like a bride :-) Of course a small twist, no bra or panties as per Swami's instructions. My fast has started. I wait for the moon to rise over the horizon.
Readers, when you see the moon today, remember me! I will be breaking my fast today at that time!

After much searching, I found a Bollywood song that really captures how I feel today. It is from a really old movie from 1965. Both the actor (Sunil Dutt) and actress (Nutan) are dead now, but the song is so beautiful, I wanted to put it here!

Hope you folks enjoy it. I have added subtitles, so remember to turn them on, when you watch it

Hugs and Kisses

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BDSM pic of the day: Surrendering to pain to experience immense pleasure

Most people fear pain. We fear it so much that we are unwilling to even experience it to gain more insights about ourselves.

As a girl, I learnt to embrace pain early. My mom pointed out to me that one of the most beautiful gifts of pain for a woman was the birth of her baby. Unless a woman was ready to experience the pain of childbirth, how could she indulge in the joys of motherhood?

She taught me early on that smiling in the presence of pain and embracing it was essential for the growth of feminine soul in a woman.

So when I embraced the slave lifestyle with Swami, I made sure pain became part of my ritualistic practice of being a Daasi.

Begging Swami to spank me, torture my nipples, pour hot wax on my breasts and pussy are all ways for me to connect with my inner femininity and in embracing that pain, I experience transcendental bliss. I feel indebted to my Swami that he is willing to administer loving pain so that I may grow in my femininity.

This photograph illustrates how I feel about pain beautifully.

The Slave has surrendered to her Master. In fact she holds the clamps in her mouth and subjects herself to the exquisite pain of having her sensitive nipples tortured by the clamps. She has withdrawn her hands behind her head in a gesture of total surrender to the wishes of her Master. Her tilted head heightens the pull on her nipples, further intensifying her experience.

I can almost taste the bliss that her mind is feeling at this stage. Her eyes are closed as she struggles to capture that moment of bliss. I love the slight perspiration on her neck and waist, signifying the excitement and struggle of discovering pleasure in pain.

The Master looks on, fully aware that he is the person responsible for giving such intense pleasure to his Slave, yet his palms rest on her in loving care.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Perfect Pussy Poll!!

Ever since I had a Brazilian wax, my waxed pussy has been getting a lot of attention from Swami. You can read about my experience at getting the Brazilian here

I have always preferred being completely bare down there, because my Swami demands it and because I feel cleaner and more sexy, but I used to shave my pubic areas, even though I waxed everywhere else

Now that I have finally gone to waxing even there and Swami has now made that the only option for his Daasi, it feels amazing! I wanted to find out what my readers think about this topic. Could you please vote and let me know. Men and women both welcome to participate in poll. Much appreciated!!